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BitLife: Life Simulator MOD APK 3.10.10 (Bitizenship, God Mode)

App NameBitlife Mod Apk
PublisherCandywriter, LLC
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Mod InfoBitizenship, God Mode, Time Machine
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Have you Ever found yourself daydreaming about leading a completely different life, you’re sipping on your coffee, staring into space, and wondering what life would be like if you were a movie star, a scientist, or even the town’s villain? What if we tell you there’s a way to live out these fantasies without leaving your comfy couch? This is possible in the world of Bitlife, a life simulation game, published by Candywriter, LLC, that have taken the mobile gaming world by storm. It is a Life Simulator that provides you with a unique opportunity to simulate a character’s entire life, from birth to death. By making crucial decisions at different life stages, you can influence your character’s life trajectory, affecting career, relationships, wealth and more. You can judge its popularity by the fact that it has been downloaded by millions of users around the globe. Bitlife gives you a chance to live, laugh, love, and, sometimes, land in jail, all virtually of course! But before we dive deep into the world of Bitlife, ask yourself, “Is living a virtual life, full of unexpected twists and turns, something I’d enjoy?” If the answer is ‘yes,’ keep reading!

What is Bitlife Mod APK?

In this article I’ll guide you about Bitlfe mod apk, which is modified version of the standard game where you’ll find premium features without spending any cost.

Features of Bitlife Mod Apk

Different Life Stages

Bitlife provides you an opportunity to live which ever life stage you want to experience virtually like;

  • Infancy: You are just a click away to start you life as an infant. Where you begin your life with family dynamics influencing your initial years.
  • Childhood: You can rememorize those days when you stared going to school, making early friendships and encounter initial life challenges.
  • Adulthood: As a growing up person you have many plannings for future, Pursue higher education, kickstart your career, and possibly start a family.
  • Elderly Years: If you virtually live an old age early, here you can do so. Experience retirement, reap the rewards (or consequences) of past decisions, and reflect on life achievements.

Real-life Decisions

Tackle situations you might face in the real world, such as:

  • Job opportunities and dilemmas.
  • Personal relationship challenges and joys.
  • Financial decisions, from investments to expenses.
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Diverse Careers and Education Paths

Choose from an array of professions and educational journeys to define your virtual life’s trajectory.

Random Events

Life is full of surprises. Encounter unexpected events and decide how your character reacts, adding layers of unpredictability and fun.

Tips and Tricks to Excel in BitLife

Strategic Decision Making

Every choice you make affects your character’s outcome. Whether it’s choosing a university, accepting a job offer, or investing money, make informed decisions to ensure the best possible life trajectory.

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Maintain Relationships

In BitLife, as in real life, relationships play a pivotal role. You Prioritize family and friends, navigate romantic relationships prudently, and ensure a well-rounded and fulfilling virtual life.

Optimize Financial Management

From buying properties to managing taxes, financial prowess can elevate your BitLife character’s quality of life. Be prudent, save diligently and invest wisely.


This mod apk enables you to enjoy Bitizenship which removes all the ads from the game, which are undoubtedly quite annoying in the free version.

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bitlife mod apk Unlimited money

Unlimited Money

One of the prominent features of mod apk which you can avail is unlimited money. So you don’t need to spend real money for in-app purchases.

Enhanced Graphics

You will get enhanced and eye catching graphics in Bitlife mod apk which definetley increase your playing experience.

Unlocked Outfits and Items

You have total freedom to Customize your avatar with a number of outfits and items, making them as quirky or classy as you wish.

How to Download and Install the Bitlife Mod APK

Downloading and installing the Bitlife mod apk is quit straight forward process, just follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Download the File: Click the download button given above.
  • Enable Unknown Sources: In your device settings, navigate to ‘Security,’ and enable ‘Install from Unknown Sources.’ This step is essential to download modified apk files.
  • Install & Play: Navigate to your downloads folder, tap on the Bitlife Mod APK file, and hit ‘Install.’ Once done, open the game and start living your best virtual life!

Unfortunately the Bitlife Mod APK is specifically designed for Android.

Yes, you can safely download the bitlife mof apk from

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BitLife Life Simulator, with its intricate design and lifelike simulations, you get an unmatched virtual experience. Embrace the journey, learn from each decision and enjoy the rollercoaster of virtual life.

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